Train The "Watch Me" Command To Get Your Dog To Look You In The Eye

The command "Watch me" or "look" is used to get your dog to pay close attention, such as during dog training. It is also useful for people who are involved in dog training or search and rescue. You will need a dog walker and treats to teach your dog the "watch you" command. It's best to start training this command in a spot with very little to distract your dog. For many dogs, hearing their name will be enough to get their attention. Most dogs are easily distracted, so it is very important to train this command for a variety of situations. First, work in secluded areas with no distractions. Then move to more distractible surroundings. Be sure to teach the command around other dogs and people as well. Many people like to use small pieces of cooked chicken or hot dogs. Start working around a friendly dog or a favorite person or ask someone to hold a toy or make another sound. . . .

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