Dust Mites, Mold And Pollen Are Some Of The Most Common Allergies Your Pet Could Be Exposed To, According To Dr

Dust mites, molds and pollens are the three major airborne allergens that pets are susceptible to. Dust mite allergies are more common than you think. If you don't wash it regularly, it can trigger an allergic reaction. “Pillows, bedding and carpet are frequent sources of dust mites and molds,” says Dr. Travis Arndt. It's more likely that it is the dust or mites that cause your pet to have an allergy reaction, according to Dr. Richter. Check if the bed is made with wool, down or feather-based materials, as these are more likely to cause allergic issues. Contact dermatitis can be caused by a number of things. These include household cleaner. All-natural cleaning products are less likely to trigger contact dermatitis, said Dr. Richter. Look for organic, unscented detergents. They are free from dyes and perfumes. Many indoor and outdoor plants can harbor mold. Smoke is a respiratory irritant that can cause an allergic response in pets. Potting soil may harbor mold . This can also cause allergies in pets . If you think your furry companion has an asthma reaction to something in your home, you can always do an elimination trial. “ Try thinking about new things in the home, such as a new laundry detergent, air freshener or cleaning product, ” says Dr. Arndtt. Check thoroughly, wash bedding often and with all natural materials. A HEPA filter can help get dust and pollen out of the air. Your veterinary doctor can provide more in-depth guidance and can recommend treatment and treatment. .

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