Clicker Training Is A Great Way To Train Your Dog To Stay, Sit, And Do Other Desirable Behaviors

The positive reinforcement dog training technique is called clickser training. A small handheld device that makes a sound is used to mark a desirable behavior such as "sit" or "stay. " When you click your clickser to mark this behavior, you must give your dog a treat. The clicks are meant to mark the desired behavior at a precise moment. Don't bark at a barker if you're training your dog to sit unless its back is on the floor. The dog clicks the second the dog executes the behavior. It associates the clicks with the clickser. You can also train your dog step-by-step by watching the dog's behaviors with the clickinger. This technique allows you to break down more complicated actions into smaller steps so they can be easier for your dog's to learn. The clickinger is particularly helpful in these multi-phase tricks. . . .

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