How To Get Your Dog To Eat Their Supplements!

Some dogs have very specific tastes, while others don’t care what they’re eating, as long as it’s food. The first step is finding out what they like. Look for the flavors and ingredients of the foods and treats that they eat.

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Some dogs like the taste and smell of cheese or meat, and hate everything else. It all comes down to the individual dog. It can be as useful as knowing what you like. Don’ t worry, there is another way. The easiest way to get around this problem is to mix the supplement with something that your dog likes. This is easiest to do with oil supplements, like CBD oil or fish oil. If your dog won't take their supplements no matter what you try, consider substituting their supplements for treats. You may still have to use the tactics described earlier, like wrapping the supplement in cheese or turban, but the process will make them as excited for supplement time as possible. Follow these simple steps to get your dog to enjoy their supplements. . .

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