The Treat Method Is A Fun Dog Trick That Will Entertain And Impress Everyone

The Waving Method is a fun dog trick that will amuse everyone. Waving is built from what the dog already knows how to do when it shakes your hand. All you need is your dog and some yummy dog treats. You can give your dog the command to "shake" your hand gently. When your dog lifts its hand to wave its hand, move your hand up slightly. It has to move the hand up a bit to get to your other hand. Repeat this several times until your dog is consistently raising its tail. Use a dog walker to teach your dog to wave. Your dog will soon be showing the behavior more quickly after you give it a treat each time. Be patient and remember that all dogs learn a little differently. If your dog seems tired or frustrated, end the session, and try again later. Always try to end on a positive note. . . .

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