Service Dogs: What You Need To Know When Traveling With Your Pet On A Bus, Train, Or Even In Your Own Car

Many airlines, bus lines, and train lines no longer allow ESAs to travel without charge and without a carrier. Many organizations have different rules for ESAs and Psychiatric Service Dogs. Regardless of whether your pet has a certification, many transportation providers have strict rules. The Department of Transportation revised its rules about air travel with ESAs in early 2021. ESAs are no longer considered service animals under the Air Carrier Access Act. Most major domestic airlines, including Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, United, Southwest, and Spirit, announced they would no longer accept ESAs. When traveling with an ESA, or any pet, it is important to plan out seating arrangements and pitstops. Research the laws in the states along your route to make sure you are following the right regulations. Hotels and restaurants are not legally required to allow ESAS. Amtrak allows service dogs, including PSDs, in all areas of the train that passengers are allowed to use. All other pets, including ESAs, are banned on Greyhound buses. For a $26 fee, Amtrak allows non-service cats and dogs under 20 pounds in a pet carrier. . . .

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