How Much Should My Dog Weigh?

This article will explain how much your dog should weigh and what you can do to make sure your dog stays at a healthy weight. There are many important things to remember about your dog's weight. It is not a specific number that your dog needs to be.

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM author ofHow much should my dog weigh

It's a range. This range will depend on your pet's age, diet, living conditions, and breed. Most overweight dogs will be on the thinner side. When petting your dog, if you feel many areas of fat pad, then your dog is overweight. Many times when you pet your overweight dog you will not be able to feel any of their ribs. Dogs who are underweight are usually easier to figure out than overweight dogs. They will have their ribs showing. You will notice a decrease in fat around their heads. Being too thin can cause other health problems. Some dogs are very high energy or recovering from a medical condition. Ask your doctor for advice on the best weight for your dog. Older dogs weigh less than physically active adult dogs. Puppies will weigh less as they are still growing and reaching their adult weight. The ideal weight for each dog is different. There is no one weight all dogs should aim to meet. Make sure you follow a proper feeding schedule and do not overfeed or underfeed. . . .

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