Getting Your Dog Used To Having Their Ears Handled As A Puppy Will Make It Easier To Handle Them When Checking For Or Treating Dog Ear Infections In The Future

Getting your dog used to having their ears handled as a baby will make it easier to handle them when checking for or treating dog ear infections in the future. Getting into a routine of checking your dog's ears at least once a week will help protect the health of their ears. This is especially true if your dog has had skin or ear issues in the past. Dr. Loft says you can shave around the ear opening so it's not as hidden. You should ask a professional grooming professional or a veterinary professional how to properly shave this area. If part of your dog’s ear feels like a pillow or balloon, he might have an aural hematoma. Essentially, the dog has broken blood vessels underneath the skin. This causes the ear flap to start to fill with blood. If you notice that your dog is scratching or paging in the ear, this can be a sign of discomfort. If your dog was turning in circles, off balance, ataxic or uncoordinated, tripping over objects, or showing signs of vertigo, it could be a symptom of a middle or inner ear infection. An ear swab tests for bacteria, ear mites and white or red blood cells. Chronic and middle/inner ear infections often need a culture that is then submitted to a lab for evaluation. Too much ear cleaning can actually damage your pet's ears. If a dog has ear infections, you may want to consider cleaning his ears weekly or monthly. If possible, try drying them out afterwards or even cleaning them, since moisture in the ears can cause infection. Never use cotton swabs on or in your pet or ears for any reason. Use an ear cleaner made specifically for dogs. Stay away from harsh products like alcohol, vinegar or peroxide. They can make a lively sound inside the ear. Having your dogs’ ear infections treated early is important for ear health. Be gentle when rubbing your dog ’s ears. The skin within the ear is very sensitive. It can be injured if you continually swipe at it. Some chronic ear infections are so bad that surgical removal of the ear canal is the only option. .

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