How To Keep Your Dog Safe While On The Water: Dog Safety Tips For Boating, Sea Kayaking, And Sea Kayaking

Dogs enjoy fun in the sun just as much as their humans do. It is important to follow a few safety tips before and during the trip. Get a life jacket. It's a warm vest like the ones we wear. Make sure you bring fresh, cool drinking water for your dog. Lake or ocean water can contain algae and parasites harmful to dogs. If you will be on the water at mealtime, you want to bring along some food in that aforementioned crate. Make a plan for the sun if your boat doesn't have a covered area. Make make sure your dog has proper sun protection. This is especially true if they have light skin and/or fur. Always have a first aid kit on board, just in case. Don't be surprised if your dog is wary of getting on the boat. Put a designated dog space where your dog can relax. Use positive reinforcement to guide them and encourage them to stay put when needed. Be as calm as possible so your dog knows there is nothing to worry about when boarding. The front and back of the boat are not places for a dog to hang out. Let your dog decide if they want to join you. You don't force them to join. Always keep an eye on your dog at all times and keep that doggy life jacket on. . . .

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