How To Train Your Dog To Take A Bow (Video)

All you need is your dog and some treats. To take a bow, your dog has its "elbows" and chest touching the ground. This is the perfect finishing touch when showing off all your dog's tricks. Use a treat to lure your dog down until its elbows are on the floor with its hindquarters up. Hold a treat at the tip of your dog’s nose and slowly move it down. Hold it close to your pet's body. Some dogs have a hard time learning this dog trick all at once. Slowly train your dog to take a dog bow over several training sessions. Practice the bow command with your dog several times a day for no more than five minutes. Be sure to keep training sessions short and upbeat and end on a positive note. Never strike your dog or scream at it when trying to train it in a new trick. You'll only make your pet more confused. The Humane Society of the U. S. would love it if your dog could text you. Watch Now: If Your Dog Could Text, They Say This. . . .

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