Why Is My Dog Panting? Dog Panting Can Be Caused By A Number Of Reasons, Including Heart Disease, Pneumonia, And Cushing’S Disease

Pantry is a cooling mechanism for your dogs. Dogs do not normally sweat like people. This is their way of getting rid of unneeded heat.

A tan, brown, and black dog panting

If your dog is panting because they are sweating, get them cooled quickly. Heatstroke can be deadly. The heart pumps blood and oxygen throughout the body. As their heart disease progress, fluid can build up in your dog's lungs. This can make it harder for your dog to breath and get oxygen throughout their body. Cushing’s disease is a disease of the adrenal glands causing them to produce too much cortisol. The weight gain and panting can be fixed with diet reduction. Dogs who are panting more could be trying to cool off. There may be a medical problem that you need to check out. Pneumonia can be a very serious problem in dogs if not treated early. As your dog gets older, they can develop cancerous growths. . . .

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