Begging Is A Cute Dog Trick You Can Train Your Dog To Do In A Short Period Of Time, According To A Dog Trainer'S Tip Sheet

Begging is a dog trick that is moderately easy to train a dog to do. Make sure your dog is not distracted, has recently eaten, and gone to the bathroom. Make make sure you have a handful of your dog's favorite treats ready when you start training it to ask for them. You start training a dog on this dog trick by asking it to sit. If your dog can't sit on command, go back and work on the sit command before teaching it how to ask again. Some dogs won't go into the potty position during the first training session. Be sure to choose new behaviors that bring your dog closer to getting into the dog position. Practice each new behavior for a few minutes each day. If the dog makes a mistake more than two or three times at any stage in the training process, then go back to an earlier step. Practice that step until your dog feels like it is always doing it correctly and then begin moving slowly ahead of the training once again. .

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