Essential Oils For Dogs With Anxiety Can Be Helpful, But You Should Be Aware Of The Risks Of Using Them In Your Pet'S Home: Dog Safety Tips

Essential oil has grown in popularity in the natural healthcare world. With the many benefits that essential oil can have on our overall health, many began to question just how helpful essential oil for dogs with anxiety can be. There are some safety tips that you should keep in mind when using essential oil with your dog.

Red Shiba Inu laying down looking outside

Dilution is not your friend when applying essential oil to dogs. Essential oil should only be used in pet care when applied to skin or diffused in your home. Dogs are more sensitive to smells and topical treatments than we are. Therefore, it is important to always dilute these substances. The essential oil listed below are toxic to our canine companions. Each of these essential oil has been linked to complications in dogs such as severe agitation, neurological behaviors, seizures, respiratory distress, and more. Pet owners with no veterinary experience are often given essential oil recommendations. Essential oils have been known to help with minor anxiety and stress in dogs with separation anxiety, dogs with storm anxiety, and dogs who are experiencing any other stressful incident. When diffusing these oil throughout your home, you will be amazed by the healing effects these oil can offer. Using carrier oil helps dilute the strong properties of essential oil. Always make sure to educated yourself on the proper use of each oil. . . .

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