Eating Out Of A Silver Bowl Is A Life

Bloat is a condition where the stomach turns over. It causes the stomach to become distended. This can be a very life-threatening and painful condition in deep-chested dogs. Bloating can occur in many different ways.

A Dalmatian wearing a red collar eating out of a silver bowl

If your dog eats and drinks too quickly and swallow air as they do, this is the most common way. Natural Doggie CBD-infused Bacon and cheese Baked Dog Treats offer a delicious, healthy dog treat that will help relieve anxiety and reduce pain. Bloat dogs are very uncomfortable and painful. When your dog has abdominal pain, they will have trouble sitting down and getting comfortable. Excessive drooling in dogs will be a key sign of a potential health problem. If you notice an increase in heart rate, seek veterinary care. Collapse is one of the early signs that your dog may be dying. A bloated dog is easy to diagnose. Most of the time, a dog becomes bloated after eating food, exercising very strenuously or running around a lot. Even with emergency surgery, the prognosis for a dog who has bloated is 50/50. Small meals a few times a day will help reduce bloating. Let your dog rest for about an hour after eating to make sure they fully digest their food. Fun Feeders™ keep pups engaged for up to 10x longer. . . .

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