Does Hemp Oil Help Dog Arthritis? Read On For More On How To Use Hemp Oil For Your Pet'S Joint Pain And Anxiety

Arthritis affects over 22 million dogs per year. Age and weight are some of the most common reasons dog owners will see symptoms of arthritis in their pets. There are many different types of joint supplements on the market.

Dr. Sara Ochoa DVM author of does hemp oil help dog arthritis

One of the best for dogs with arthritis is Hemp products. Hemp oil is becoming a very popular supplement for both people and pets. This substance works on the endocannabinoid system. It helps with homeostasis in the body. Do not worry about your dog getting stoned with cannabis oil. Hemp has been shown to help with anxiety by making your dog calmer and more relaxed. Hemp is also used to help fight or prevent certain cancer. Many older dogs may not want to eat as much, and Hemp products have been found to increase their appetite. . . .

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