How To Help Your Dog'S Kidneys Function Properly And Save Their Life

There are many reasons that a dog or cat's kidneys can start to fail. Sometimes it is due to genetics or old age, but certain other things can cause kidney disease. Pesticides, antifreeze, some plants, human food and human medications can all cause kidney failure.

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There are two types of kidney failure, chronic and acute. Acute Renal Failure is usually the result of toxin exposure or drug use. This can often be reversed if caught very early and fluid therapy is started. Chronic renal failure can also be deadly. It is often harder to treat. Your pet will usually end up taking daily supplements to help the kidneys function properly. The kidneys are responsible for telling the body to make more blood. When they are not working correctly, the body is not making the needed blood. Supplementing iron to your dog with kidney disease will help make sure all vital organs get the oxygen they need. Cranberry Juice and Cranberry extract can help prevent urinary tract infection. Omega 3-6-9 chews have all the omega fatty acids needed for a balanced diet. The Chinese herb known as Rehmannia 8 has been shown to help increase blood flow through the kidneys. With this herb, kidney values have returned to normal. Just like people, dogs can undergo dialysis and even kidney transplants. You should ask your veterinary doctor about all possible options. . . .

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