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There are many ways to feed your fish during holiday and vacation periods. You can find a fish sitter or use commercial vacation feeders. They are available through your fish store. You also can purchase an automatic fish feeder. It can be used daily anyway. Vacation feeders are available in 2-day, 7-day and 14-day sizes. There are two basic types. One is where the food is embedded in a calcium block, and the other is where it is wrapped in a gel. In each case, the block gradually dissolves in the water. Automatic feeders come in electric plug-in models and battery-operated models. They have timers that can be set to dispense the proper amount of food one or more times per day. The opening in the food-holder can be adjusted to deliver a certain amount of water at each feeding. If you are going on an extended vacation or holiday, you should have someone tend your fish. Excess food will foul the aquarium and can be deadly. Young fish don't have the fat stores of adult fish. They cannot go without eating for very long. Be sure to keep in mind that food is not the only concern when going on holiday. Aquarium lights normally should be turned off at night and turned back on in the morning. Tropical fish prefer water temperatures between 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not do well below 65 degrees. Clean the aquarium a week before you leave. The day after you leave, top the aquarium with fresh water. Check the water temperature to make sure it's in the proper range and make sure the aquarium is running at full capacity. Carefully check all fish to ensure they are healthy before leaving. . . .

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