Coconut Oil Can Help Kill Fleas In Dogs

Coconut oil can help kill fleas in dogs . There are several effective flea treatments on the market, but some pet owners prefer a natural approach.

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Sores on the skin: Because of the constant scratching and bite that a flea's presence will cause, dogs often get sores on their skin. Pale gums: In severe cases of a fleas infestation, some dogs will experience pale gums. This is due to the amount of blood that is consumed by fleas on their body. Fleas can be present in any outdoor setting. Even the most well-kept yard can carry fleas. Even short trips to the dog park or public outdoor settings can result in your dog getting fleas . It is highly recommended that you properly discard or clean any furniture that your dog has access to. Coconut oil works by removing the lauric acid in coconut oil. When the Lauric acid comes in contact with the flea, the fleap's exoskeleton is covered in oil. This ultimately results in the fleas's death. The ingestion of coconut oil can have other health benefits. CBD can improve the attitude of your pet when they are dealing with fleas and tick. A treatment of CBD and applying coconut oil to your dog can help make the process of getting rid of fleas a less stressful experience. However, coconut oil is not the only way to get rid of your fleas or tick. Natural oil can stand up to bacteria and invaders as well. Some people make a mix of lemongrass and rose geranium oil. They put one drop behind each dog's shoulder. Dawn dish soap is used in veterinary clinics as the first line of defense against flea infestation. Dawn soap kills fleas after contact, so you can quickly eliminate each living flea using Dawn soap. Flea combs can help you remove dead fleas from flea dirt that has accumulated on your pet. . .

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