Ear Infections In Dogs: 7 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog From Getting Them

Dogs can get an ear infection for many different reasons. Your dog is most likely allergic to something that blooms during that time of year. This is most often pollen from trees or grass allergies.

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Your pet's doctor can run an allergy test to figure out exactly what your pet is allergic to. A novel protein diet is one where the protein is weirder than meat such as kangaroo, fish, rabbit, or venison. By hydrolyzing the proteins, you are shrinking them. Most pets who have food allergies are allergic to beef, eggs, chicken, and dairy. Bacterial infections in the ear are a very common cause of ear problems. If your dog has an allergic reaction, it will make more skin oil. These oil build up in the ears and make it the perfect environment for the strains to grow. In dogs, ear mites can cause ear problems by looking at a sample of ear debris under the microscope. Small bugs, fleas, or tick bite can get into your dog's ear when they are sleeping. Grass seeds and debris can be very irritable to your dog’s ears. There are many ways to prevent ear infections in your dog. If you have a dog that has ear infections, these are some things you can do to help decrease the chance of ear infections . If you notice any of these signs in your pet , schedule an appointment with your veterinary professional . .

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