Oranges For Dogs: What Are The Best Fruits For Dogs To Eat?

Dogs can eat some fruits and vegetables, but the guidelines on whether this is a good idea or not can be a bit mixed. Dogs can eat just about anything.

Beagle waiting for a piece of orange in the back yard

But that doesn't mean they should. These are some of the common fruits dogs can eat. Natural Sugars are safe for dogs to eat. But leaving a small piece of peel attached can be dangerous for your pet. The seeds in oranges need to be thrown out. Orange is a light snack for dogs. You should start your dog on only one segment of an Orange per day. If your dog is small, then you might not need to feed them more than one segment a day. Oranges are just as healthy for dogs as they are for us. Dogs make their own vitamin C within their bodies. They are a great source of fiber for your dog's digestive system. But oranges are naturally low in sodium, so you won't have this problem when feeding your dog oranges. Vitamin C and other substances found in oranges are good for the dog's immune system. Too many sugar can upset a dog's GI tract and can cause problems with diabetes or GI problems. Skin around oranges can contain too many toxins and a tacky film around them. They should be introduced gradually. Be careful not to expose your dog to any risks with the peel. . .

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