Roundworms Are Common Intestinal Parasites In Puppies, So It'S Important To Get Them Dewormed As Soon As You Can

Roundworms are one of the most common intestinal parasites of dogs. There are many types of roundworms. They are called nematodes. Toxocara canis most commonly affects dogs. Puppies may be infected before they are born. This happens when immature roundworms migrate to the uterus. Puppy owners may also contract roundworms from nursing the infected milk. The parasites grow into one to 13-inch-long adult worm. Mature females can lay 200,000 eggs in a single day. Eggs hatch into infectious larvae. This cycle ends. Immature roundworms then cross into the placenta or mammary glands. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/dog-roundworm-illustration-685027929-5bf2da00c9e77c0051330b80. Puppie owners sometimes see the worm when they see the spaghetti-like masses passed in the stool or thrown up. Heavy worm loads can cause diarrhea or mucus in feces.

Dog roundworm, illustration

Symptoms include fever, anemia, liver enlargement, and other problems. Clean up feces from the dog's "toilet area" at least once a week. All pups and their mothers should get deworming treatments. . . .

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