Aquoquel Can Help Your Dog Feel Better Faster (Video)

Apoquel is an oral medication used for allergies in dogs. It inhibits chemicals in the body called cytokines that can cause itching and inflammation. Clinical signs can improve as early as 12 hours after the first dose is administered.

Brown dog itching near his eye

Apoquel can be safe to give with vaccines. It does not have any negative interactions with other medications. Environmental allergens are the most common cause of dog allergies. Food allergies are the second most common trigger. Allergies to supplements and new medications are rare but have been reported. Redness is one of the most severe signs. Small pink bumps (papules) and whiteheads (pustules) are signs of a skin infection. Aquoquel may cause vomiting and diarrhea, lethargy and pneumonia are possible. Demodex mites are more likely to occur if your dog takes apoquel. It can exacerbate preexisting tumors and cancers. Coconut oil is one the latest supplement trends. There are few side effects like allergic reactions and weight gain. Turmeric is another popular supplement that comes from a plant related to ginger root. CBD oil is currently being studied for its many reported benefits. The results for most itchy dogs were dramatic. Talk to your doctor for more information and see if it can help your dog feel better faster. It was sold out. . .

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