Chihuahuas: What You Need To Know About A Dog You May Not Have Even Known You Had

Chihuahuas can be as naturally varied as their human families. They prefer a warm sunbeam to air conditioning. They have two types of Chihuahua coats. They are the long-haired and short-haired.

Three chihuahuas laying on a white fuzzy blanket on a grey couch

The short- and long-seared pups shed very little. They only need a bath once a week or so. You will need to brush your friend regularly to avoid tangles. Treats and praise always win points with a Chihuahuua. Housebreaking with a chihuahuana can be a challenge. But they are small and easy to handle.

Older chihuahua getting a bath with sudds on its head

This makes them excellent friends to elderly or housebound people. Low maintenance grooming and their teeny size are all good for an apartment. They're more likely to get hurt than they are to get sick. They can also be prone to liver shunts, eye scratches and corneal ulcers. You would be rewarded with a friend for years.

Long haired blond chihuahua running through a back yard

In 2014 the town of Maryvale, Arizona was terrorized by a pack of these dogs . .

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