Can Dogs Eat Avocados? Here’S What You Need To Know About Thanksgiving For Dogs

Risks of Thanksgiving For Dogs . There are some concerns and things to keep in mind with this holiday regarding your dog. It’s important to know if you have a dog that gets anxious around strangers or anxious around lots of people close to them.

A Labrador retriever poking his head out from under the table setting his head on his owners lap begging for the food that his owner is eating.

CBD is proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels in dogs. CBD before your family shows up will make sure your dog is relaxed and not on edge throughout the holiday. Not every food on Thanksgiving is suitable for your pet. Consider adding a little bit of dog-friendly Thanksgiving food to their food bowl. This can be things like bits of fully cooked turkeys without bones. Be sure not give too much water to the food bowl may make it a bit messy but it helps with switching up their normal dinner for the special occasion. If your dog looks tired or is trying to bother people at the table for food, give them something to occupy their time. A bullying stick will make it so they stay occupied for a while and stay away from bother people. Riley Parks is a Digital Marketer and Business Development Executive at SitStay. com. He was born with a passion for all animals and a deep love for dogs. You can often find him relaxed at home with his 4 dogs, 2 cats and an unusually large number of chickens and turkeys. . . .

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