Kidney Disease In Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, And How To Help Your Dog Get Rid Of It (Video)

Many different things can damage your dog's kidneys. Some can be easily corrected and have no lasting damage.

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Others are more complicated and usually irreversible. Your veterinarian will start your dog on IV fluids to help flush out the toxins of the kidneys. Your pet will end up taking daily supplements and a change in diet. Some dogs have kidney problems. Some have masses or cysts on their kidneys. Depending on what is causing the kidney disease, this may never affect them, or may shorten their life.

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Ticks with tickle disease can cause kidney disease in dogs. If your dog accidentally gets some toxins such as antifreeze or tainted food, these could cause acute kidney damage. There are many signs and symptoms that your dog has kidney problems . Many of these signs can also be signs of other diseases. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, it is best to consult your doctor. Dogs with kidney disease can have sores in their mouth.

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These are called uremic ulcers. Since the kidneys are not working correctly, the uremia will build up, causing ulcers in the mouth. Dr.

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Sara Ochoa DVM is a veterinary professional with a passion for animals. She lives happily with her husband Greg and her babies Ruby the Schnoodle, and Bam-Bam the rabbit. Follow her recommendations and provide your pet with the diet and supplements she recommends . .

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