Saltwater Fish Health: How To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe In Your Tank

Fish are most commonly associated with parasitic infections. Fish use flashing to scratch their bodies. Since they do not have arms or fingernails, they must use objects in their environment to scratch themselves. If left untreated, flashing fish are likely to get worse. The most common cause of flashing is a parasitic infestation. Primary parasite infestations are common in aquariums with recent additions of new fish or live plants. Outbreaks can occur in fish under chronic stress situations, such as poor water quality or overcrowded tanks. Your veterinarian will assess your tank size and number of fish. They will also check the filtration system, perform water quality analysis, and examine your fish, likely under sedation. They may have recommendations to decrease the bioload, or the total number of occupants of your tank. Quarantine all new fish and live plant additions for 4-6 weeks before adding them to your main aquarium. Quarantining plants in a tank without live fish can break the parasite life cycle. When your new fish gets sick, they can be quickly and effectively treated while in isolation. Saltwater Fish Health is a weekly, offbeat look at fish in the water. For more information about the Saltwater fish Health Foundation, visit saltwater fishhealth. org. .

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