Clownfish Disease (Brooklynella Hostilis)

Clownfish Disease is commonly known as Clownfish Disease. Brooklynella feeds on dead skin cells. This can cause severe damage to gills. The gills may be swelling, and fish may have irregular breathing. Formalin is an effective treatment :max _bytes(150000):stripedicc()/ichcyclegraphic _397-56a81d103df78cf7729c41e0. jpg) Saltwater Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans) is caused by an infestation of the ciliated protozoan I multifiliis. The signs of this parasite infestation usually include ragged fins, scratching on rocks, and white spots on the gills, fins, and body of the fish.

Diagram of the 4-stage life cycle of Cryptocaryon irritans, commonly known as Saltwater Ich or White Spot Disease.

Marine Velvet Ich (Amyloodinium infestation) reproduces quickly and can easily go undetected. It is not unusual for this infestation to cause a total fish population dieout. Black Ich, or Black Spot Disease, is actually an infection of tiny Paravortex turbellarian flatworms. The treatments used are Freshwater dip, hyposinity treatments, formalin and copper. (file _size _in()/RidIch-56b81daa5f9b58b7d0f0cd8d. jpg) Formalin consists of a 37 percent solution of formaldehyde diluted in water. Formal is one of the most effective medications for treating various types of protozoa infestations. Formals can be used to treat parasitic fish flukes, lice, worm and fungal diseases. .

Kordon's Rid-Ich

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