How To Train Your Dog To Leap Over A Jump Bar At A Dog Agility Course

A good dog dog course can help you and your dog bond while letting them have a bit of fun. There are some homemade alternatives to keep a dog fit.

Long haired spaniel running over a dog balance ramp with its tongue out

The teeter-Totter is a bar or obstacle that your dog has to jump over. It is really simple. Don’t use anything with your dog that could hurt them. This is a deceptively simple exercise piece. It's a difficult dog to train.

Dalmatian jumping over a jump obstacle at a agility course

A chute is like a see-saw. It tests your dog's coordination and impulse control. Build a jump using PVC pipe, poles, tunnels and balance beams. Homemade versions require materials and time, but mainly PVC tubes and connectors.

Small white dog happily running through yellow weave poles

You need a strong fabric to make sure your dog can't rip up. You can also make your dog a great physical and mental workout. Make your own running course . It is also a great way to burn off some energy, fat, and get them thinking.

White french bulldog leaping through a ring jump obstacle

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