How To Train Your Dog To Use A Crate In A Safe And Secure Environment

Crate training for a dog is to teach them to use a crate as their den. This type of training is effective because it plays into how dogs behave in the wild. Dogs in the wilderness will retreat to these personal spaces for comfort.

brown and white dog laying on a bed in a dog crate

The same is true for domestic dogs. They will find the enclosed space safe instead of confining. A crate can help you train behaviors that are otherwise hard to instill in a dog. It can also be used to calm a dog down. CBD Oil can be great for reducing anxiety in dogs. The amount of time your dog spends in their crate is not easy. It is easy enough to run through all of the steps. The difficulty comes in continuing with this training until it sticks. It might take some time but it will be beneficial for your dog. . . .

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