How To Keep Your Goldfish Healthy And Happy For The Rest Of Their Lives (And Possibly Longer Than 20 Years) In Your Own Home (And Away From Yours)

Most goldfish live for at least 20 years. The world record for goldfish is 42 years. Goldfish can live a long and healthy life with proper care. Most fancy varieties of goldfish should live into their teens, but 20 years is not common. Many goldfish do not grow to the size of their containers. Starting your goldfish in a 20-gallon tank will work for the first few years. They plan to upgrade them as they grow over the years. Some goldfish are hungry fish. They do not convert their food into mass very well. This waste ends up in their aquarium water. This causes water quality issues that require frequent cleaning. Silverfish will not swim as much as goldfish when they are older. They may start to eat a little less. This is not uncommon. A death less than 10 years old is usually not related to age. . . .

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