!Yellow Lab Being Fed Out Of A Stainless Steel Bowl

A dog's diet is the base of their overall health. The quantity and quality of food can impact your dog's health. One of the main ingredients you should look for specifically in dog food are a good source of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and essential fats.

Yellow Lab Being Fed Out Of A Stainless Steel Bowl

Puppies require more calories and nutritional values than a growing dog would. Make sure to look for the specific ingredients listed above. Make sure that a dog diet is veterinary approved. The AAFCO is responsible for making sure each approved diet meets the specific guidelines for dog and cat health. Many brands of quality dog food offer a diet for large and small breeds dogs. A small dog will require a different diet than a large dog. Puppy formula, or baby milk replacer, is needed for dogs without a nursing mother. Goat and cow milk can cause gastrointestinal upset. They also run the risk of low blood sugar because of their fast metabolism. The recommended amount of feedings for a dog under 6 months old is 3 times a day. The appropriate feeding schedule for each stage would be important to discourage pups from asking for food at the start of their life. Begging can lead to inappropriate manners and stomach upset. Be sure to check with your veterinary doctor to make sure you are doing the best you can for your dog. . . .

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