Why It'S Better To Donate Your Fish To A Local Fish Club, School, Nursing Home, Or Other Place Than To Dump It In The Wild

Fish owners are often faced with the dilemma of how to get rid of unwanted fish. Neither option is an appropriate way to throw away unwanted or sickly fish. It's better to give the fish to a new home. Here's why. Flushing aquarium fish into the wild may be illegal. Diseased fish should not be on the list of flushable items. Flowing a live fish is like throwing an unwanted cat or dog down an outhouse pit. No matter how remote, there is always the possibility of passing those diseases on through the water to the local environment. Thousands of non-indigenous species of fish are brought every year to the United States and other countries. Those fish do not belong in local waterways. They may kill other fish and wildlife, destroy vegetation, and pass on parasites. Sick fish should never be thrown out or thrown away. Don't forget to call your local fish club if you want to give your fish to them. Saltwater Aquarium Basics is a guide to saltwater aquariums. For more information, visit saltwateraquarium. org. .

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