How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Fireworks This Fourth Of July

More pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Dog's have a more acute sense of hearing than we do. If your dog is not used to loud sounds, say from hunting with you, the loud bangs of fireworks can be startling. Dogs may perceive fireworks as a threat because of their loudness and unpredictable nature. Dogs always run on the side of safety when there is a perceived threat. As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry. Fireworks can make your dog feel trapped by the loud sounds. Your dog's sympathetic nervous system will kick into gear when fireworks are set off. This can result in your dog destroying furniture, cowering under the bed, or jumping over a fence. Always keep your dog indoors the night you know they will be set up. Medications for firework anxiety may be prescribed by your veterinary doctor for fireworks. There are some products such as Thundershirts that may help calm your dog down. The science behind this method is the same as deep pressure therapy and weighted blankets in people. It is best resolved through both medication and behavior modification. The dog's fear of firework displays may be cured with a training method known as classical counter conditioning, sometimes called CCD. Basically, you are taking a previously negative stimulus, such as fireworks, and pairing it with something positive, like treats, play or praise. . .

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