How To Keep Your Fish Safe From Predators In Your Fish Tank And Out Of Harm'S Way In Your Fish Tank

A fish that hides because it is scared or uncomfortable with its surroundings is a problem. The most likely cause of hiding is that it is nervous about its new surroundings. If your fish continues to hide for more than a week, there is another problem at the root. Many fish do not feel comfortable unless they have a place or two of their own where they can hide whenever they feel threatened. Providing more hiding places will often cause timid fish to stay out in view more of the time. Once they feel safe, fish like to look around! Always keep fish in groups of at least four or five. If they are kept in groups smaller than this, the group will find a way to stay hidden most of the day. Schooling fish species that normally school with others of the same species will always hide. . .

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