Vibriosis Is A Bacterial Infection Of The Nervous System

Vibriosis is caused by a common tank bacteria. Most of the time, these bacteria do not cause any issues for your fish. Vibriiasis can be fatal to fish if the fish's defenses are lowered due to stress or an immune deficit. Vibrriiasis may result in a fish developing skin ulcerations and hemorrhaging. This is because of the liquifying of its internal organs. The results are redness throughout the body, including fins, tail, eyes, and mouth. Fish with the disease may stop eating and become listless. This slows down growth and internal functioning. Viberrie strains may enter the fish system if strict rules are ignored. Immunocompromised fish, such as those stressed by poor water quality, bullying, or lack of sufficient nutrition, are more susceptible to bacterial infection. There are known bacterial resistances to antibiotics. Therefore, cultures and sensitivity tests are critical. Antibiotics are not effective against quarantines. Treatments can include: VibRIosis is a bacterial infection of the nervous system. The prognosis for fish with vibrilosis is poor. Many fish are never treated because they may not show symptoms. Secondary stress from bullying goes a long way in making Vibril infections worse . Vibria is a known zoonotic disease. It is contagious to humans. Bacteria can enter through cuts and scrapes on the skin. Eating contaminated raw shellfish can also spread the bacteria. Always wash your hands using soap after cleaning an aquarium or handling fish. . .

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