Uvb Lighting Is The Most Commonly Forgotten Part Of A Turtle Or Tortoise Habitat

The most commonly forgotten part of a turtle or tortoise habitat is lighting. Heat bulbs and UB bulbs are both vital to properly care for your pet turtle or turtle. If proper temperatures and lighting are not provided, your pet is at risk of developing health problems. Through the use of special reptile bulbs, rays are delivered to your pet tortoise or turtle in an indoor enclosure. The rays must also be able to reach your tortoise and turtle without being scattered or blocked by glass, plexiglass, or screens. An ideal distance between your pet and a regular light is 10-20 inches. The most traditional type of the UVAB light is the fluorescent strip light. Mercury vapor bulbs are more expensive but typically last longer. These are great for large enclosures or entire rooms that house larger tortoises. The downside to these bulbs is that it only covers a small area. Many tortoise habitats require basking temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Heat lights are preferred over tank heaters. They can control the ambient air temperature. Ceramic heat emitters only emit heat, no light. They screw into a clamps. Reptiles and Amphibians is CNN's weekly, offbeat look at the world around us. This week, we look at a world of reptiles and amphibiba. Come visit CNN. com/Reptiles and reptibians for a new gallery of photos. . . .

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