Panting Dogs Can Be A Sign Of Anxiety

Pantying dogs can be a sign of stress and anguish. Most often, it's just to cool down. For a dog panting at night, anxiety might be the issue.

large black dog panting

These are some of the common causes for a dog to stick their tongue out. Dogs don't have sweat glands, so panting is a good way of cooling down. They exchange heated air for cool air. They let heat out of their bodies. An anxious dog will often be stressed and nervous. If nighttime panting and pacing are disturbing your dog's sleep, it can feel like there is something wrong with them. CBD is a great way to deal with a dog's stress in most environments. A restless dog at night might still be adjusting to a major change in their environment. Major changes like a new owner can be beneficial for your pet but can also be stressful. Separation anxiety at night can be particularly common when a dog has to sleep alone. Anxiety is more common in older dogs. Meeting new people, having a change in situation, or even some sounds heard in the night can cause dogs anxiety. A party-like situation can leave them overstimulated and worried. Anxious, restless, panting, and generally unhappy throughout the night. There is nothing you can do to help a dog who is suffering from anxiety. These solutions should help no matter the cause of anxiety. Make an Effort to Make a Calming Environment for Your Dog . It is common for dogs to pant more at night as they age. This is because of their physical changes as well as increased anxiety. An appointment to the vet can give you some reassurance and help you decide what is the best treatment. . . .

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