Can I Treat My Dog'S Separation Anxiety Naturally?: Cbd Oil For Dogs, Essential Oils To Help Calm Nervous Behavior In Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs is when one of your dogs is very close to a person in the family. When this person is away from the dog, the dog gets very nervous. Many times, this happens when you leave the house for work or when running Errands.

Two Golden Retrievers tryig to get out of a white window

Many signs will help you figure out if your dog has separation anxiety. When you are gone, your dog may try to escape by scratching and digging near the door or windows in the house. Some dogs will bark, howl, or even whir when you are away. There may be a reason for this behavior in your dog. If you have just gotten a new dog from the shelter, their dog may be showing these signs because of the change in ownership. Some pets may have been taken away from their mothers at a young age. There are many natural treatments that you can give your dog to help calm their anxiety. Sometimes giving your dog an old t-shirt that you have worn will help them stay calm. Chamomile: This herb has been shown to help relax nervous behavior in dogs. Valerian: This is a very widely recognized herbal sedative. This herb is very safe and helps the whole body relax. Essential oil can help calm your dog's anxiety and help them live a healthy and happy life. When mixing essential oil, put 2 to 4 drops in a diffuser. . . .

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