Can My Dog Get Covid

COVID-19 coronavirus is highly contagious. It is transmitted by direct contact or by contact with viral particles on inanimate objects. It has been shown to cause respiratory failure in even the healthiest of patients. It can infect people of all ages.

Dr. Erica Irish author of Can My Dog Get COVID-19?

COVID 19 is just one type of coronovirus. There is no evidence to suggest dogs are a major role in COVID -19 spread. There have been a few cases where dogs have tested positive for it. These cases usually come from homes where their owners or family members were infected. The first case of an animal testing positive for COVID in the United States has been documented in New York City. Some of the tigers have become infected at the Bronx zoo. Scientists theorize that one of the zookeepers infected with COVID–19 passed it on to. . . .

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