Worried About Your Dog'S Separation Anxiety? Here'S What You Can Do To Ease The Stress And Anxiety Of Being Away From Your Pet For Extended Periods Of Time

Many people in all walks of life are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Some are under strict isolation or stay at home orders. This has affected everyone. In many cases, more people are staying at home than usual. While our pets love this, as our pets have spent a lot more time with us than they are used to, it will certainly be an abrupt change when they no longer see you all day, every day.

Kendall Abbott author of Tips for Preparing your dog for normal life

This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for our dogs. Separation anxiety can come in many forms. Many dogs associate different cues with the times you will leave. For example, putting on your shoes, or grabbing your keys. This will immediately increase their stress and worry in the situation. Experiment with different amounts of time, rather than 15-minute increments. Some dogs will still feel that stress and fear when you leave them alone during the day. It is important to keep them occupied during this time. Chew-resistant beds are essential for owners who crate their dogs during the night. CBD products can help to relieve separation anxiety. . . .

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