Service Dogs And Pets Can Co

Service dogs are different from pets since they work for a living. They are trained and distributed to provide a service. This is why the name is given. They provide a number of different services. These are some of the more common types.

A person in a pool wearing an orange swimming cap nose to nose with their brown and white dog that is wearing an orange service dog vest.

Medical Alert Dogs are trained to watch for signs of a medical emergency in their handler. They can be legally classified as something separate. Pets have rules about what they can and can’t do. They're free to live how they want. If a pet feels like napping all day, a service dog can't. Service dogs still enjoy the company of other pets despite their differences.

A Black and tan German Shepherd sitting down looking back towards the camera wearing a black and orange service vest.

A lot of service dogs can be kept apart from other dogs unless they are trained in specific circumstances. Here are some things you can do to keep them apart. Identify Them with a Vest . A vest signals other people that the dog is working and they are not to be bothered. A service dog is trained to perform their function despite the presence of another dog , but this requires specialist training and some work to be done around the other dog. . .

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