How To Train A Dog Not To Bark

Can I train my dog not to bark? Dogs can communicate in a number of ways. A wagging tail usually means your dog is happy. When his tail is up and down, he is nervous. Excessive barking can be triggered by frightening sounds. Loud sounds like thunder, a banging door, or fireworks are feared by many dogs.

Dr. Erica Irish author of How to Train a Dog Not to Bark

Barking can become more frequent and the closer the intruder gets. Happy barking results when your dog isn’t wagging his tail, jumping up, or pretending to be the play-bow. It takes a lot of time, consistency, and patience to train a dog to bark. With the right training and a good reward system, you can reduce your dog's excessive bark and improve your relationship with your furry best friend. With repetition and a well trained reward system , you will be able to apply the "quiet" command to situations where your dog was barking aggressively. .

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