Worried About Your Dog'S Separation Anxiety? Here'S What You Need To Know To Keep Him Calm And Happy

Anxiousness in dogs is a distress response. If you punish him, he may become even more upset. Other signs a dog becomes upset when his owners depart from home are drooling, howling, and pacing up and down. This type of behavior can result in injuries, such as broken teeth, scratched paws and bleeding.

Black pug laying on the floor with separation anxiety

It's important to pay attention to signals from your doggy friend. It is also important to keep an eye out for signs of anxiety. Desensitization and counter conditioning is a treatment process that changes an animal’s fearful, anxious or aggressive reaction to be pleasant and relaxed instead. You should consult a certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or a certified veterinary behaviorist. There is no evidence to show why dogs develop separation anxiety. Some dogs from shelters might have been abused in the past.

Sad looking beagle laying on shaggy white carpet

Dogs can be destructive or disruptive when they are left alone or separated from their owner. Never scold or punish your dog. Anxiousness of dogs is an emotional response and if you punish them, he will become even worse upset. . .

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