Why A Weighted Blanket For Dogs Is A Great Solution For Your Dog'S Anxiety

Let’s look at how anxiety can face our furry friends and why weighted blankets are a good option. Anxiety is one of these times. It can be easy to realize once you monitor the behavior of your dogs daily actions. There are signs of stress that you can look for that are often the precursor to more intense reactions.

A pup that is in need of a weighted blanket for dogs

Weighted blankets for dogs have been around for a while. They are a highly studied treatment. Dogs have not gotten that type of focus towards their anxiety. BuddyRest has created their own version of the weighted blanket. They're making it specifically for dogs. The design is modern enough to fit almost any homes interior but still uses the technology to help out our furry pets.

A golden retriever that needs a weighted blanket for dogs

The Soothe™ anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket is available now. Anxiety in dogs is tricky and there are some common reasons that cause it. However, there are also cases that can be more complicated to understand.

buddyrest anti anxiety weighted dog blanket

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