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(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/tropical-fish-bicolor-angelfish-on-coral-reef-134435576-5c329a71c9e77c00016e122b. jpg) Some Angelfishes live a solitary life. Some live on the coral, but some join in small groups of two or three. It is not uncommon for multiple males and sometimes females to fight in the same aquarium.

Tropical fish Anthias

Some species can be kept together under the right conditions. Extreme dominate or territorial aggression occurs most often when an Angelfish has been established in an aquarium and a new tank mate is introduced. If you are going to add an Angel to your aquarium community, it is suggested, unless otherwise noted, that it be put in the tank last. By providing Angelfish with room to move around and shelter to hide in, it allows them to better keep away from other fishes. This all helps lessen the effects of territorial disputes with other tank mates. Of course, as is true with most marine fishes, there are no guarantees. . . .

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