Bettas: How To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe While They'Re Sleeping (And Swimming) At The Same Time (And In The Same Tank)

All fish, including bettas, sleep in a state of low metabolism. Most of their brain function is shut down. However, they still have the capacity to respond to any immediate threats. Bettas have long, ornate fins that take a lot of energy to pull through the water. In order to survive, they take extended rest periods between meals. Fish of different species have a certain temperature that they can best function at. For bettus, this is a tropical temperature around 78-82F. There is no percentage of swimming vs. sleeping time that is normal for all bettacs. All new fish will likely hide more often than fish that have been in their tanks for a while. A normal activity adjusting period may take a few days or a few weeks for a new fish to settle. If your betta is sleeping too much, it may be suffering from common betta diseases. Common betta disease, including mycobacteria, commonly known as fish tuberculosis, may cause your fish to be more lethargic and sleep more. . . .

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