Pets Urinate Based On Both Their Physiologic Need To Eliminate Waste, And For The Behavioral Tendency To Mark Their Territory

Pets urinate based on both their physiologic need to eliminate waste and their behavioral tendency to mark their territory. The internal plumbing is complicated, so here’s my attempt at a simple explanation. People often take their pet’d normal house training habits for granted. The attention of the bladder to an uncomfortable threshold is the stimulus for your pet to find an appropriate location to void its bladder. Urinary posturing facilitates the flow of urine through the urethra. Marking behavior is a more complicated process motivated by the biological urge to leave pheromone enhanced urine. Abnormal urination almost always has an underlying medical cause that merits further evaluation by your veterinary doctor. Metabolic diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes, and Cushing’S disease all cause increased water consumption. This leads to larger volume and more frequent urination. Dehydration and lack of water consumption can lead to decreased urine production. Urine color changes are often alarming. A scarlet tinge or blood clots in the urine indicate the presence of red blood cells. Vocalizing, straining to urinate, and overindulgent self grooming of the penis or vulva are signs of urinary tract pain. Foul smelling urine can indicate a bacterial urinary tract infection. Using an ultrasound to visually see the bladder gives additional valuable information. Discoing a thick bladder wall, crystals, or even calculi can alter the course of treatment. More water consumption means a higher volume of toxin flushing urine will be produced. Pain medication, acupuncture and activity restriction can help with discomfort while tests are pending. The management of your pet's urinary tract disease should be based on a clinical conclusion established by diagnostic testing. A moist, complete and balanced, nutrient dense whole food diet also provides additional water and natural anti-oxidants to combat inflammation. When urination occurs at the right time and in the right place, make sure to give praise by saying "Good pee".


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