Ticks: How To Remove Them From Your Dog And Keep Them Away From You And Your Pet

(max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/wood tick-and-deer tick/tick-comparison-924711034-5c4083a8c9e77c0001215e91. jpg) Ticks are parasitic arthropods that feed on the blood of their hosts. They can carry a variety of diseases that can affect dogs as well as humans.

Wood tick and Deer tick comparison

Wooded areas are favorite spots for tick bites, but they can live anywhere. It is important to look for tick on your dog and safely remove them. Ticks can be as small as a pencil point or as large as a lima bean when engorged. If you live in an area where tick bites are prevalent, or your dog spends a lot of time in high grasses, check for ticks daily. How to remove a tick from your dog .

Cropped Hand Of Vat Removing Tick From Paw Over White Background

Wearing gloves to protect yourself. Don't try squeezing the body of the tick. This may cause pathogens to be injected into the site. Routine checks should be done to search for tick products in your dog. Some products are available over-the-counter, while others require a prescription. You can ask your Vet for recommendations so you can choose the most effective way for your pet. Some topical products are highly toxic to cats. .

Tick prevention on a golden retriever

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