Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs Can Be Treated With Cbd Oil, Citrus Juice, And More

Urine tract infections affect more female dogs than males. Most infections that involve the urinary system are bacterial. They enter the body via the urethra. There are several causes that will increase your dog's chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

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Stone formation, prostate disease, and tumors may also be diagnosed. There can be many reasons that may predispose your dog to urinary tract infections. Causes of lower urinary tract tract infection in dogs include bladder cancer, prostate cancer, genitalia, and stress. Your veterinarian doctor will examine your dogs' bladder, kidneys, genitalias, and rectum. Dogs that keep getting urinary tract bacteria will have to have urine samples taken at regular intervals. The veterinary doctor will prescribe an oral antibiotic for two weeks or longer. CBD can be useful both in the treatment of inflammation and for pain relief for your dog. Some veterinarians may recommend a higher CBD dosage of CBD (2mg/kg to 3mg/ kg twice daily) Cranberry supplements along with antibiotics are recommended by veterinarians to help treat urinary tract illnesses in dogs. CBD products have to be used in the right way with the correct dosing. Each and every CBD pet product will have different potencies and dosing charts. It s important to consult with your pet doctor about which products are right for your pet. Claudia Bensimoun is a freelance journalist and author. She specializes in veterinary content, and e books. Her interests include wildlife conservation, animal welfare, disaster/ humanitarian relief, veterinary research, and vegetarianism. She is a long-time feature writer for Animal Wellness. . . .

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