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The Good: The monetary investment is small, and the space requirements are so minimal that virtually everyone can find a place for a tiny fish tank. The Bad: If too much is put together and poorly cared for, the fish will be living a very short life. Small aquariums do require maintenance and should not be ignored for long periods. The biggest downside of small aquariums is that problems can occur quickly. They are often fatal before they can be rectified. Changes in water chemistry and temperature can happen in a matter of hours or minutes. Aquarium experts say closed systems that are advertised as "open" or "low/no maintenance" should be completely avoided. In nature, fish live in a large and well-developed ecosystem. The water supply is massive. It is constantly replenished by rain and moving water currents. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/Mini-aquariums-1378341-FINAL-5c59c8d0c9e77c0001a41ba8-a1daed296d4a4b4b2fa1a02899250efdb0. jpg) Small fish are the only appropriate choice for a mini aquarium. Goldfish are not a viable choice.

Illustration of the best fish for mini aquariums

They quickly grow large and produce a lot of waste. Bloodfin tetra: tolerant of cool water. . . best if several are kept in a school of fish. . . .

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